About Us

Magic Eye Consulting Ltd was founded by Ian Hobson FAIA, FFA, FFTA, who acquired the marketing business he worked for as Financial & Production Director in 1992. Ian developed the business from a turnover of £250k to a multi £million turnover Group by acquisitions and expanding the core business. With the experience of developing a successful group of companies from humble beginnings, Ian recognised that small businesses could benefit enormously from the resources and expertise available through his experience and his network of professional contacts. Through the Groups numerous and varied acquisitions Ian saw firsthand the problems many small businesses face and how effectively they can be nurtured with good financial management , together with professional marketing and operational support. The amount of tax you pay, both as an individual and a business, is an important consideration at all stages of your business development.

Magic Eye Consulting operates on similar principles to the original Group structure. We are more than just accountants, we provide all the same services but much more as well and are affordable - our pricing structure is designed to be manageable for small businesses and is individually tailored to each business.

If you think you could benefit from our experience and want to get your business moving forward to greater success, please call for your free consultation and let us cast our Magic Eyes over your business.